Our company was founded in 1995 as a Services Company providing Plant Cutting maintenance for areas under HV (high voltage), MV (medium voltage) and LV (low voltage), electrical energy transfer, distribution and transformation power lines for companies belonging to Gruppo Enel S.p.A. and Gruppo Terna S.p.A.

Today, as in early years, we operate across the entire domestic territory, ensuring widespread coverage of various areas of the country and providing our customers with rapid and dynamic response times and adaptability to customer needs.

The sector that deals with maintenance of green areas and vegetation pruning in proximity of power lines is the company's "core and strategic business",  notwithstanding the diversification that has taken place over the years in areas such as landscape design, development and maintenance of green areas in proximity of various types of technological installations (hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, thermoelectric power plants, etc), the design, realization and maintenance of residential green areas and public green areas (urban decoration), including the planning, design, realization and maintenance of parks and private gardens.

Indeed, our twenty years of experience, combined with the vast know-how and skills of our personnel, have allowed us to develop projects for the design and realization of gardens, green areas and day areas, planting programs,  hanging gardens, tree and bush pruning services, herbicide programs and mechanical weeding and grass cutting, also completing and adding value to our business by offering Global Service programs such as facility and area cleaning, disinfestation, sanitation and deratization, and solar panel cleaning services (for both medium and large sized solar parks), meeting the changing demands of a market that is increasingly competitive and globalized.

The constant growth of our business over the last few years has more than doubled sales revenue, confirming a constant positive trend that peaked in 2012 with over 8 million Euros in sales revenue. In parallel, on 27th September 2012, our qualification in the Product Group MELE05 - plant cutting by helicopter and/or conventional methods for Enel Servizi Spa was renewed and extended to a tender threshold of up to 6 million Euros.

In addition to "traditional" activities in the green management sector associated to the OS24 category (green areas and urban green spaces), the company has reached equally significant results in other categories  for which it has obtained qualification, specifically category OG8 - "Work on waterways, for protection, stabilization and reclamation", interventions aimed at stabilizing natural or artificial waterways and safeguarding the surrounding land against flooding, complete with any associated, complementary or supplementary work, as well as all electro-mechanical, electric, telephone, and electronic systems required and work falling under category OG 13 - "Environmental engineering work"  work necessary to protect the territory and restore compatibility between “sustainable development” and the ecosystem, and, in conclusion, work falling under category OG10 - "Installations for the conversion of high/medium voltage and for the distribution of electrical power in alternating and direct current ", the realization of work required to supply high and medium voltage electrical energy and for the conversion and supply of low voltage power to consumers, complete with any building work required, be it complementary or supplementary, local or on the grid. The growth of the latter sector is founded on the vast know-how of professional figures within the company with decades of experience in the electrical energy transportation, distribution and conversion sector. Thus, we were able to expand our services to comprise the construction and maintenance of electro-mechanical installations including small-scale construction work (Petersen coils, maintenance and modification of primary, secondary and transformation plants).

The safety, high quality, and timeliness of our services, along with our highly competitive prices have allowed SAVET as a business to enjoy constant growth in terms of sales and reliability for its customers, establishing a vast network of business relations over time.

SAVET has accompanied the qualitative and quantitative growth of its business with an equally intensified focus on quality, obtaining, in 2001, the certification of its quality management system in compliance with ISO 9002/1994 Standards and implementing the new ISO 9001/2000 Standards for "Plant cutting and trimming and vegetation maintenance in green areas around overhead electrical power lines.  Herbicide programs and mechanical brush cutting". Subsequently, SAVET obtained certification in compliance with ISO 14001:2004 Standards for Environmental Management Systems, fulfilled ISO 9001:2008 Standards requirements, and integrated SA8000:2008 Standards and OHSAS 18001:2008 Standards.   Moreover, the company obtained supplier qualification from its main customers (Enel, Terna, Eni, Acea etc.)

The company’s growth-oriented mission begins with and depends largely on the professional growth of its personnel and the knowledge that doing and doing well is the key to success. This is also the reason why over the years, the company motto has become "WORK = SAFETY ENVIRONMENT QUALITY  QUANTITY"  and indeed, all employees, at all levels, act in respect of this principal, implementing all current regulations regarding workplace safety, health and hygiene and on-the-job accident prevent