Organizational Structure

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All SAVET employees follow a specific on-going training and instruction program. Corporate Management and the Integrated Management (IM) Manager, aided by the Human Resources Manager and each Work Site Manager, prepare and approve the Annual Training Plan.

The scope of the training, the topics treated and the respective functions responsible for the activity are specified in the table below:

Scope of Training Program Function responsible Participants
Quality Management System Quality Manual System Procedures - Operating Procedures - use of forms - standards of reference IM Manager All employed personnel
Environmental Management System Environmental Management Manual - Operating Procedures - use of forms - standards of reference; handling substances and mixtures IM Manager All employed personnel
Safety Work instructions Safety Plan - safety information sheets for substances and mixtures OHSO - WM Work site Manager and all operating personnel

Training may be organized either internally or externally. Usually, training courses for topics illustrated above are organized and carried out internally.

External training is provided by qualified organizations that conduct theoretical and practical tests as requested, issuing the respective examination certificates.

Safety training is for the most part focused on the formation of specific profiles regarding issues such as electrical hazards, risk of falling from above, cutting collision and rushing hazards.

This system is implemented by means of specific training courses carried out directly at the work site to make up for possible inadequacies noted during work site inspections carried out periodically by the Company Safety Commission.

This process also makes use of an IT tool that constantly monitors each work site by means of photographs and geo- referenced localizing of activities. Work is monitored directly and constantly by the unit located in the Company head offices, which verifies the team location, the PPEs used and the quality and amount of work carried out. The system also allows for constant information exchange between the technical expert at company head offices and the work team, facilitated by and implemented using the photographs provided regarding any queries put forth.

This geo-referencing and monitoring system is described in greater detail, albeit concisely, in the web site