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SAVET's corporate focus on growth and development begins with, and is principally based on, the professional development of our employees, and from the knowledge that a job well done is the key to success. This is another of the reasons for which, over the years, SAVET has adopted the motto WORK =   SAFETY + ENVIRONMENT + QUALITY + QUANTITY  and indeed, all company employees, at every level, work in accordance with these principles, implementing all current provisions regarding safety, health and hygiene in the workplace and industrial accident prevention.

An important role in terms of monitoring safety and quality and reaching production objectives is our geolocation and survey system: the 'GEOLAB' system.

'GEOLAB'  was designed to meet the need for computerized/electronic monitoring of a number of factors essential to the services provided, primarily on moving work sites (point and linear assets), such as:   SAFETY - QUALITY - ENVIRONMENT -  PRODUCTION.

This system was conceived and designed internally by SAVET and was specifically realized external IT suppliers. The product has been approved and authorized and S.A.V.E.T. Srl holds the exclusive rights.

Specifically, SAVET has georeferenced, photographed and dated the activities carried out by our work teams across the National territory.  All gathered data are transmitted to our offices practically in real-time, and are checked by a staff of technical experts who also provide operating personnel with any technical assistance that may be required to meet arising operative needs.

Moreover, Geolab is also a tool that contributes in a substantial manner to improving safety. Every morning, the team transmits a photograph of personnel wearing all the personal protection equipment required for the work to be executed, allowing for long-distance monitoring of safety compliance..

The possibility of communicating immediately with the main offices allows operators working on the field to request advice and assistance in the event of potentially hazardous situations or doubts as to how to proceed, by sending messages and specific photographs. Just think of the importance of a system like this to identify the exact location of a person in need of emergency assistance, somewhere in the middle of the countryside or, worse still, in