Certifications & Memberships



Environment ISO 14001

Anti-corruption ISO 37001

Environmental Declaration 2023

Energy ISO 50001

Quality ISO 9001

Social Responsibility SA 8000

Security ISO 45001

Stop Work Policy

Company Policy





"Trasparency International Italia - Patto d’Integrità"

"The Integrity Pact is signed between companies operating as a business partner in relation to buyer / supplier. The company proposes the Integrity Pact to its suppliers of goods and services in order to increase the level of collaboration, responsibility, transparency, trust"

"Trasparency International Italia - The Ethics Charter of Principles"

"The Ethics Charter of Principles is a spontaneous statement of the company that subscribes to these principles in its business practices to help create a climate of transparency, integrity, confidence, for the activities carried out inside and outside of its organization"