SAVET has been working for over ten years in the following sectors:

  • study, design, development and maintenance of green areas (parks, gardens, hanging gardens, ecologically equipped areas, tree pruning, bush shaping...) for both public and private entities.
  • maintenance of areas under power lines
  • Global Service activity in substations, stations and electric/hydroelectric plants
  • facility cleaning, disinfestation and deratization  
  • environmental engineering work
  • construction and maintenance of electromechanical installations

Initially, the maintenance of areas under power lines was the company’s “core and strategic business”. However, in recent years, following frequent requests made by its Customers, SAVET has, with growing success, expanded its business to include the green areas sector, creating a team of company workers that comprises technical experts and skilled engineers capable of designing and developing innovative solutions for both the public and private sectors.

To request a cost estimate or for enquiries regarding our business,  do not hesitate to contact the customer service office from the Contact Us page, or by send an e-mail directly to this address: info@savet.it.