The SAVET staff of experts has over decades of know-how in the field of design, construction and reconstruction of High Voltage Power Stations, High Voltage and Medium Voltage primary stations and general work on this type of installation.

As the subject matter is extremely complex and requires various types of expertise, below is a short summary, of the main work methods used.

In particular, to carry out this type of work, the company adopts the work procedure briefly described and schematized below.

Construction/reconstruction of power stations and primary stations – regulations and technical specifications applied by our company for this work.


Station before the work



Station after the work


Electrical installations

These must be constructed using IMQ marked materials in conformity with current regulations in force. Specifically, they must comply with the provisions listed below:

  • Law 186 dated 1/3/68 concept of "state of the art"
  • CEI 11-1 general standards regarding electrical installations
  • CEI 11-8 standards for earthing lines
  • CEI 23-3; EN 60947/2 Circuit breakers for overcurrent protection
  • CEI 20-20 standards regarding fire-proof cables
  • CEI 20-22 standards for tests on fire-proof cables
  • CEI 20-36 fire-proof cables for signaling and emergencies
  • CEI 11-27 standards for work on electrical installations
  • CEI 20-38 Non toxic cables
  • CEI 23-8 standards for rigid PVC tubes
  • CEI 23-12 standards for industrial sockets
  • CEI 64-2 standards for electrical installations in explosion-hazard environments
  • CEI 64-8 standards for user electrical installations
  • CEI 70-1 standards for classifying the degree of protection of sheaths
  • CEI 11-17 standards for electrical power transmission, generation and distribution systems, cable lines
  • CEI 11-1 standards for electrical systems with voltage over 1KV AC.
  • CEI 11-37 standards for creation of earthing systems
  • CEI 31-30 standards for classification of hazardous environments due to presence of gas
  • CEI 11-63 primary stations
  • CEI 20-13 MV cables
  • CEI EN 50014 electrical constructions for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • CEI EN 50020 intrinsic safety for electrical constructions in potentially explosive atmospheres

The technical specifications for the procurement of materials specifically destined to the construction of HV (high voltage and MV (medium voltage) power distribution installations must comply with ENEL specification or Italian National Railway specifications. Specifically, we work in compliance with ENEL technical standards, which are in any event annexed to the work tender as "Technical Specifications".

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