“design and maintenance of
green spaces, for individuals and companies”


World Earth Day

Design and creation of green spaces, equipped areas, hanging gardensTree pruning, bush shaping, chemical and mechanical weed control, grass cutting even in proximity of electrical installations, electricity transportation, distribution and transformation power lines. These are the principal activities that SAVET has been carrying out for over 10 years on the market, guarantying know-how, quality and safety on the job.

We work in complete compliance with all current provisions and regulations regarding on-the-job safety,   health and hygiene as well as industrial accident prevention.

Our staff comprises a large number of employees qualified as "Skilled Person" for work in proximity of live electrical installations.



   The Company

Our company was founded in 1995 as a Services Company providing Plant Cutting maintenance for areas under HV (high voltage), MV (medium voltage) and LV (low voltage), electrical energy transfer, distribution and transformation power lines for Companies belonging to Gruppo Enel S.p.A. and Gruppo Terna S.p.A.

The sector that deals with maintenance of green areas and vegetation pruning in proximity of power lines is the company's "core and strategic business",  notwithstanding the diversification that has taken place over the years in areas such as landscape design, development and maintenance of green areas in proximity of various types of technological installations (hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, thermoelectric power plants, etc), the design, realization and maintenance of residential green areas and public green areas (urban decoration), also including the planning, design, realization and maintenance of parks and private gardens.

Indeed, our twenty years of experience, combined with the vast know-how and skills of our personnel, have allowed us to develop projects regarding the design and realization of gardens, green areas and day areas, planting programs,  hanging gardens, tree and bush pruning services, herbicide programs and mechanical weeding and grass cutting, completing and adding value to our business by offering Global Service programs such as facility and area cleaning, disinfestation, sanitation and deratization, and solar panel cleaning services (for both medium-sized and large solar parks), meeting the changing demands of a market that is increasingly competitive and globalized.

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   Garden and Green  Areas

Ordinary and/or extraordinary maintenance of green areas and gardens, be they public or private, is one of the vast range of services offered by SAVET.

SAVET offers customers in both the private and public sectors a vast range of green area design, development and maintenance services:

  • Design and development of green areas
  • Earth moving
  • Irrigation systems
  • Tree pruning and felling
  • Phytosanitary treatments
  • Outdoor cleaning

Private gardens, residential landscaping, green areas Public green areas, urban decoration and environmental landscaping, green areas for sports

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   Enviromental Engineering

For environmental engineering projects, SAVET has an internal staff of experts who design and develop environmental engineering and vegetation technology projects with the aim of promoting increasing awareness around environmental protection issues. Within the scope of this activity, we also carry out environmental restoration work including land re-vegetation and reforestation services, in full compliance with all applicable standards of reference.


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The SAVET staff of experts has over decades of know-how and experience in the field of design, construction and reconstruction of High Voltage Power stations, High Voltage and Medium Voltage primary stations and general work on this type of installation.

Construction/reconstruction of power stations and primary stations - regulations and technical specifications applied by our company for this work...

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