Work With Us

Work is a significant part of our lives.  We are easily obliged to spend more time at work and with our colleagues than with family members or friends. This is why it is so important that our work be gratifying and challenging, while leaving us sufficient time to dedicate to ourselves and our favorite leisure time activities. Indeed, we give our best when we are motivated.


Talent, innovation  and passion characterize the successful behavior not only of SAVET employees, but of the entire company, and these three characteristics are at the basis of growth and development.

SAVET promotes strong values that are reflected in our daily lives, in the business and in the company’s awareness of consumer needs. Our values are the cultural heritage and experience that represent our business guaranty, a veritable added value.

We do our best to offer a positive culture, at all business levels and for all individuals working in the company. All of this takes shape in those that we call our "core values".